"Woman Woman"

Super77 just rolled out another
stellar music video with Rockhard!

We're talking a rocking track!
We're talking inspiring vocals!
We're talking a supergroup of head-banging gals in the buff, 
raising their fists and crushing their guitars, banging the drums and stroking them keys!
We're talking legendary music video director Marc Klasfeld and veteran 
editor Richard Alarcon riding a tandem bike all-the-way to awesome town!
We're talking AWOLNATION's latest track: "Woman Woman."

So we're here to reveal the stripped-down version of the full video to show you our good parts...

And, naturally, Super77 artists Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete, 
and Chavilah Bennett busted out some hand-crafted, 
frame-by-frame awesomeness!

Check out the behind-the-scenes on how
we pulled off this excellent exercise in censorship...

The designs started as a handful of sketches that led
to some scandalous framework and frame-by-frame animation –
almost entirely in Flash (or shall we say: Adobe Animate).

If you're looking for some "revealing" behind the scenes footage... you've come to the right place.
That is, if by revealing you mean a closer look at some of our type animation!

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