Only You

In “Only You,” Cee Lo and Lauriana each have their own voyage – walking separately through the city as their presence manipulates, bends, twists, and turns their surroundings – like a digital earthquake. Everyone at S77 was pumped to re-team with Cee Lo and Rockhard, as well as to get to work with our soon to be new friend – director Ethan Lader.

Both artists were shot entirely on green-screen (purple, actually) and composited against custom hi-res photos of downtown LA – like digital matte paintings. The surreal dimensional environment was created by manipulating still images and adding various atmospheric techniques to give the illusion of depth. From there, we developed a system that allowed us to bend, warp, and distort the world the performers occupied to create the obvious digital distortions.

This behind-the-scenes video breaks down how we created the virtual world.

Directed by Ethan Lader (Rockhard), produced by Roger Ubina (Rockhard), commissioned by David Saslow (Atlantic Records and Elektra Entertainment), shot by Don Davis, and colored by Adolfo Martinelli.

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