Tales A-Blazin': Mozilla Superpost


Set the clocks way back to 2014.

Seems like only yesterday. The phone rings and it’s our good friends at Mozilla. It’s just a few months away from the “Unleash The Future” campaign at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. And they want to know if we can jump in with some animations featuring the one and only Firefox! The challenge was issued: increase the overall presence, awareness, and understanding of the Mozilla Firefox OS mobile device by turning their brand icon into a fully-fledged character. One that can run, jump, and play across a multi-panel and interactive display.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at all the fun and hard work that went into this project. It’s one we were very happy to be part of, and even more thrilled to share with all of you!


After the project was awarded, the Super77 team went to work creating a fluid, free and friendly animated friend to assist in the identity of Firefox OS and help present its new features and apps. The fox was hand-drawn to maximize the personality and prominence of Firefox, then cleaned up to create a fully dynamic creature. The fox’s tail was specifically designed to leave trails of fire behind him as he ran across the multi-panel display.

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