Chili? Did somebody say, vegetarian chili?

Our latest work comes by way of the talented team of Scoppechio through our commercial representation Lindsey Fischbach of Heart + Soul.

Working with Gregory Miller Pictures, broadcast producer Barry Zeidman, and editor Mark Burson, we created three fully realized animated scenes for Gold Star Chili’s Vegetarian Chili :30 TV spot.

The treatment conceived by Scoppechio and realized, designed and animated by creative director Sean Conner with animators Chavilah Bennet and Sarah Schmidt, captures the surreal experience of delicious and savory, vegetarian Cincinnati-style chili. We used highly stylized 2D animation, a hand-drawn take on Gold Star’s iconic type; combined with fast-paced editorial energy and a 3D, 360 degree camera move. 

Viewers are propelled from the lively, in-restaurant experience to an illustrated world with each bite.

The following are a collection of styleframes ranging from our pitch process to frames used as reference for the final product.

Just like a good meal is more than just the sum of its ingredients, this project took a special combination of teamwork, talent, collaboration, timing, and trust in one another.

Savor the finished spot out here, and go get some Vegetarian Chili of your own!  

Thanks to Scoppechio for another chance at doing what we love!

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