Super77 -- the innercircle on actiongram beta!

Part 1 - SoCal
Microsoft Hololens Actiongram Innercircle

"tough day at the #SoCal Microsoft Office! Super77 is stoked to be part of the hololens actiongram beta innercircle!"

(describe atmosphere) surrounded by influencers.
large screens displaying beauty shots of the microsoft hololens. Today everyone will learn how to use it!
At the end of this weekend every participant went home with their hololens.

(briefly explain what the hololens is and what actiongram is)

Part 2 - Super77, Columbus Ohio.

Rainer did a demonstration on how to use actiongram, then let everyone have a go!

From (date) to December everyone had the chance to use actiongram and record their own ideas and videos.
(talk about the experience - using it, what it could be like, how amazing it is at tracking to the room)

These are a few of the actiongram videos that we created.

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