We made it! After months of anticipation, our internal collaboration was ready to present to the world. Synapse is a turbulent trip down a smooth, cel-based animation path. However, it wasn't always so clean! The following is a peek at some of the nit and grit that led to the final piece.

To kick off the project Sean created style frames to give Synapse some context.
Chavilah sketched out some otherworldly images that carried over to Sean's final drawings for the set.

After a few animation tests, we were off!

Once we drew the entire animation, frame-by-frame in good ol' Adobe Flash, 
we compiled the final piece in After Effects and threw some post-apocalyptic sprinkles on it.

We mixed a little bit of rotoscoped live-action... well as a handful of 3D models as rotoscoping guides, and plenty of rough animation passes.

To see the history of the world and the future to come in the blink of an eye.. was a blast!

Extra special thanks to our sound designers, Andrea Damiano and Ryan Peoples!
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