“BALL” (S77 CUT)




S77 back at it again – dropping another collaboration with music video director extraordinaire Marc Klasfeld. Shot on 16mm film in New Orleans, our direction was to take “the craziest fucking party video” and then add a visual layer to make “it totally surreal and next level.”

Rotoscope animation was always the plan, so we used Wacom Cintiq pen displays and graphic tablets to jump straight into style-frames and animation tests ranging from full-frame color pencil to isolated elements in black & white. We wanted to honor the footage by not overpowering the beautiful 16mm color film transfer and amazing high-tempo edit. With direction from Marc, as well as feedback from Atlantic Records Video Commissioner David Saslow and Emmanuelle Cuny-Panicker, we finished this video in less than 2 weeks of post-production.

On the left is a string-out of motion tests used to develop the graphic style for "ball."

In the end we settled on black and white as a strong contrast to the gorgeous color film footage,
but not until after we had explored a series of options.

Below are some of the colored-pencil styleframes.

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